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Catch up on bills

Ryan started this conversation

Hello All,

My name is Ryan. First, I would like to thank you for your support! I have been out of work for about 5 months now. I have been working temporary jobs and still seeking a good paying one. I am a Veteren by serving in the Iraqi War. Ever since i been out of the service it has been rough finding a good living standard in the civilian world. Right now I have a child on the way and im not sure that I will be finacially ready for this. All I am asking for is someone who is able and fortunate enough to help me catch up on my losses so I can be prepared for my child. I am not disabled and I can work over the internet, phone, and physically. I am putting this ad up for help if there is work involved I am willing to work for it. If you are an overseas scam do not contact this ad I am an honest Veteren that needs help. I have a website i am currently working on It is a shopping mall website, it has only been up for about 2 months. If anyone has any advice for the site email me. If you want more information about me or my situation email me at Your help will be greatly appreciated and may God bless you for your support! 

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Single Mom Trying Hard

Hey I don't know if your still in the St. Louis area or not but I grew up there and the Convergys Corp is a great Company to work for
I worked there when I lived in Missouri and they pay great and if you work hard you can really move up the ladder.  Good Luck

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